Identifying Goals and Measures to Track Progress

Step 3: Identifying Goals and Measures to Track Progress (2018)

With research to support our plans, the University of Guelph will establish short- and long-term gender equity goals. We’ll create strategies for change and measure our progress.

We’ll act based on the research findings from Step 2, but for now, we expect our goals will focus on:

Goal one: Setting targets for the proportion of women and other under-represented gender groups in senior leadership roles at U of G

Goal two: Increasing gender diversity in STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) and other fields in which women and other gender groups are under-represented. Assessing how gender shapes our perceived value of work in fields predominated by women. Celebrating the areas in which U of G is a leader in gender equity.

Goal three: Improving how we recognize research and scholarship at U of G in terms of gender-based inequities

Goal four: Addressing work-life issues that make it challenging for women and under-represented gender groups to participate equitably on campus

Goal five: Addressing any identified wage gaps

Goal six: Creating a mentorship program with a focus on pathways to leadership