2021 GenEQ International Women’s Day Speakers Panel

In celebration of International Women's Day 2021, the University of Guelph's GenEQ advisory group hosted a special speakers panel. The panel, “International Women’s Day: Gender, Equality and Post-Secondary Education,” highlighted some of the outstanding women-identifying leaders at the University.

Amy Atkinson: Advancing Hope Into Reality to Create a More Equitable World for All

What is your position/role at the university?  

I have the privilege of working as a fundraiser for the University of Guelph in Alumni Affairs and Development. As Director of Major Gift Advancement, I oversee strategy and activities for our major gift and planned giving teams. We are focused on advancing core fundraising priorities to meet the University of Guelph’s mission to Improve Life.

Kimberly Francis: Using Music to Unite and Empower Women

Written by: Siobhan Latremouille

For professor Kimberly Francis, music is an outlet for expression and a tool to incite change. As an associate professor in the School of Fine Art and Music and a self-proclaimed feminist musicologist, Francis incorporates sociology, cultural studies and gender theory into her work. 

Samantha Brennan: Making Space through Mentorship and Fitness

Written by: Omorowa Eguakun, MA

Samantha Brennan joined the University of Guelph as the dean of the College of Arts in January 2018. Before joining U of G, she was the chair of the Department of Philosophy and a faculty member in the Department of Women’s Studies and Feminist Research at Western University. Brennan also continues her research and teaching pursuits at U of G, as a faculty member in the Department of Philosophy.  

Dana McCauley: Powerful Women in Business

Written by: Siobhan Latremouille

Recognized as one of Canada’s Most Powerful Women by WXN – Women’s Executive Network, Dana McCauley's ambition, talent and accomplished career make her an inspiring role model and mentor at the University of Guelph.

The Stars and What Matters

Written by: Omorowa Eguakun, MA

Through her work in theoretical nuclear astrophysics, Prof. Liliana Caballero is using stars to make the world a better place.

Caballero studies the dense matter found in the collapse of massive explosive stars. By studying the behaviour of environments far away, she says we can make connections about stellar matter and nuclei produced on earth. Ultimately, that knowledge can help us solve long-term problems here like treating cancer or generating energy.

Amplifying Voices

Written by: Omorowa Eguakun, MA

Giving voice and legitimacy to justice-seeking communities builds connections that strengthen our society. That fundamental belief has been a driving force behind Prof. Carla Rice’s work.

Rice is a professor in the Family Relations and Applied Nutrition (FRAN) department at U of G. She is a Canada Research Chair in Care, Gender and Relationships.

Leanne Son Hing: Let’s Talk Inequality

Written by: Omorowa Eguakun, MA

Prof. Leanne Son Hing doesn’t just study discrimination, she helps break it down every day in the classroom. As a professor and researcher in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Son Hing’s work focuses on inequality and how it takes shape in group-based discrimination. Her research intersects with the concepts of prejudice, sexism, power and status. 

Liz Cherry: In Unions, There is Strength

Written by: Omorowa Eguakun, MA

Liz Cherry is a woman deeply committed to workers’ rights. She was a union activist in Scotland and is now president of United Steelworks Local 4120, the union representing technical and administrative support employees at U of G. 

Tamara Small: Let’s Get Digital

Written by: Omorowa Eguakun, MA

The social media drama surrounding American politics grabs headlines nearly every day, but how is this form of communication used to influence the Canadian political scene? Prof. Tamara Small can tell you about that and much, much more.

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