GenEQ International Women's Day Speakers Panel

In recognition of International Women's Day 2021, the University of Guelph's GenEQ advisory group hosted a speakers panel highlighting some of the outstanding women-identifying leaders at the University. The panel was moderated by Indira Naidoo-Harris, AVP (diversity and human rights) and featured:

  • Dr. Charlotte Yates, president and vice-chancellor
  • Dr. Gwen Chapman, interim provost and vice-president (academic)
  • Shauneen Bruder, chair (Board of Governors)
  • Martha Harley, associate vice-president (human resources)
  • Chioma Nwebube, president (Guelph Black Students Association)

Video transcript online.


Report of Faculty Well-Being and Ill-Being during COVID-19

Prof. Leanne Son Hing, who studies industrial-organizational psychology and is a member of the GenEQ advisory group, has recently released a report with PhD Candidate Rebecca Lee, on Faculty Well-Being and Ill-Being during COVID-19. The report includes important insights into the gendered nature of life and job demands brought on by COVID. 


GenEq Webinar: Gender Equity in the Time of COVID-19

On September 2, 2020, GenEQ hosted a webinar devoted to gender equity in the time of COVID-19. A recording of the webinar can be accessed by the U of G community via the following link.


Gender Equity Considerations for Tenure and Promotion during COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is shaping gendered inequalities in a variety of realms, including academia. GenEQ Postdoc, Merin Oleschuk, has recently written a commentary for the Canadian Review of Sociology that explores the effect of the pandemic on gendered differences in academic productivity and success. 

Gender Equity in the Time of COVID-19

As the effects of COVID-19 evolve globally, it has become clear that the pandemic holds important implications for gendered inequalities. Gender impacts how COVID-19 is experienced and managed at the individual level, as well as within families, organizations, and communities. These differences both exacerbate and transform gender inequalities in these various realms such that their effects will ripple into the years to come. Review academic and popular writing that presents gendered analyses of the pandemic.


When the GenEQ initiative launched, it was shaped by the Gender Equity and Excellence Through Leadership framework. This framework continues to evolve and remains a foundational document for the initiative.

Online Resources

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